Video Station #1 @ Arquiteturas Film Festival Lisbon 2015

My three short films "Intimacy", "Silence", "Contemplation" will be displayed at video station #1 at Arquiteturas Film Festival Lisbon 2015, at Forum Lisboa Mezzanine, from the 1st until the 4th of October.

The three films – “Intimacy”, “Silence”, “Contemplation” – result from an expedition journey to an intensive architecture through Japan, Center and North Europe, conducted between June and August of 2014, within the Fernando Távora’s Award and a Post-Doctoral research project. They are mainly experimental and instrumental films that use the empirical experience as first matter of research and expression. Each film seeks to unveil how each one of the sensations is composed in the space, the mechanisms, artifices and matters of expression that gave birth to it, and that belong insomuch to the landscape, where the work belongs, as to the imagination it awakens or the body that inhabits, even if absent.

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Upcoming Lecture: "Towards an intensive architecture: How do we compose intimacy, in architecture?"

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