What is architecture?

""What is architecture?" is, by nature, an open question. In a certain way, the history of the discipline can be understood as a sequence of definitions that, trying to stabilize the meaning of architecture, paradoxically put it in motion. Therefore, in the universe of possible answers to this question, relations, interceptions and oppositions emerge, which may, more than anything, keep the interrogative condition. In the limit, it is for not knowing the answer limits. The replacement of the question, one and another time again, expresses the vitality and plurality inherent in the very definition of architecture. Under the project of the online residencies RAUM platform, we pose this question to a group of 15 Portuguese Architects who were born after the revolution of 1974. If the question is in textual mode, the answer that we have required is visual, give the structural relationship that architects establish with images. In a broad spectrum of disciplinary activity, we asked these young architects to present a definition of architecture in the form of a triptych".

Video Station #1 @ Arquiteturas Film Festival Lisbon 2015

Architecture, democracy and public space