Exhibition: The Sommer Pavilion in the Garden

The exhibition “The Sommer Pavilion in the Garden”, which I had the pleasure of curating (a truly public exhibition for the community in one of the most liveable public spaces of the city of Cascais), will open on Friday April 5th, at 6 p.m., at the Parada Garden (near Casa das Histórias), and it will be on display until May 5th. All are welcome!


From May to July of 2018, the Cascais Municipality promoted the “Sommer Pavilion” Competition for Ideas on Architecture, on a joint initiative with Cascais 2018 European Youth Capital, for the construction of a temporary pavilion at Parada Garden, to celebrate contemporary architectural production and the theme Water.

Coinciding with the functioning period of the winning pavilion built on this garden, the exhibition The Sommer Pavilion in the Garden presents the remaining proposals on competition, privileging the projection each of them previewed for its pavilion in this space.

Strolling through the various proposals, the singular spaces and moments that characterise the garden and which each proposal sought to reveal will be understood - secluded living spaces, the central space in memory of Costa Pinto, the relation to the Sommer house, the winding walkways and the green lawn areas - awakening, in turn, our imagination for the multitude of explored approaches, the different imagery and references, the plurality of forms and distinct materials, and for the garden’s own history, reminding of its various transformations through the times (as the former existence of a lake or a gazebo).

This exhibition seeks, lastly, to make known the infinite plastic capability of architecture to celebrate history and place!

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