New Book (contributor): A Map of Lisbon in Cinema

Courtesy of  Dafne  Publishers.

Courtesy of Dafne Publishers.

A Map of Lisbon in Cinema is a deambulation around the city of Lisbon through the images and ideas from a selection of films commented in viewing sessions organised since 2015 by the Lisbon Municipal Archive Video Library within the cycle “Imaginary Topographies.” The fragments of the interventions and the selected sequences of the films are reorganised in a method close to the cinematographic montage in this book. The result is a map that overlaps two topographies: the topography of the films and the topography of the city. During one of the viewing sessions, I had the pleasure of talking about the film Ninguém 2X (Nobody X2) with its director Jorge Silva Melo together with Francisco Frazão, and thereby contributing to this book. The book is edited by Dafne (though only in Portuguese).

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