Curated Curators (II)

Curated Curators (II) is the second exhibition within a cycle of three curated by the Portuguese artists Sara & André for the gallery Zaratan - Arte Contemporânea. For this second take, they've asked curators, whose primary education is from a different background, but have been working on art exhibitions or across fields, to select a work of art or a piece of an exhibition that they have curated. Following this kind invitation, I've asked the Portuguese artist Paulo Catrica to display a photograph of the series "Places of Intimacy," initially thought for an exhibition that did not take place at the Convent of Jesus in Setúbal, along with a work developed in parallel with SAMI Arquitectos. The exhibition will open this Thursday, 18 of May (2017). 

Fernando Guerra: X-Ray of a photographic practice

Scopio Sophia launch