Upcoming talk: Mapping and Debating Habitar Portugal (Inhabiting Portugal)

Next Wednesday, 16th of March, I'll be talking about the Habitar Portugal 2009-2011 edition, which I've curated together with Rita Dourado and Maria Rita Pais, along with the curators of all previous editions. This is a parallel event to the present edition of Habitar Portugal 2012-2014, currently on display at the Porto Municipal Gallery. Feel free to come and participate in the debate!

01. Habitar Portugal 09-11: Folding Map - front (featuring a photograph of the model of the hand drawn map with two levels of understanding: the map of the works of architecture in exhibition and, above, in translucent paper, the map of the respective resonances).

02. Habitar Portugal 09-11: Folding Map - back (featuring the works of architecture, in black and white, organized according to the imagined itineraries and places, and the respective map of resonances in shades of blue). Design by nada.

Upcoming presentation and talk: Instruments of Critique

Upcoming Talk: The journey as research lab in architecture